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I help busy professional women take their body and business to the next level.

I believe in deep belly laughs, and surrounding myself with people who make me laugh till my abs hurt.

I believe in honest, open and straightforward conversations. I am not interested in surface level pleasantries. I want to go deep, I want to grow in all my interactions.

I believe in the simple healing that only Mother Nature can bring us.

I spent a lot of money and a lot of time thinking that health was complicated and overwhelming.

doTERRA oils brought me back to stillness and showed me the beauty in simplicity.

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I know you’ve tried it all before:

I know you don’t believe that healthy can actually be so simple as some drops in a bottle.

I know that you are expecting the other shoe to drop.

I know you have tried lots of other options, solutions, programs and “fixes”.

I know how overwhelming it can be in the middle of the night when you feel powerless to help your crying baby, or when you feel confused by the messages your body is sending you.

I know how much noise, confusion and overwhelm you have in your life and the toll that takes on your emotional health.

I understand all of those feelings, because I experienced them myself.

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My speciality is helping you find the best way to fit the puzzle pieces together. I use my training as a Holistic Nutritionist, experience as an HR Executive and passion for natural health solutions to empower, educate and inspire you in your journey.


Do you ever wish you could find someone who could just cut through the noise, the confusion and simplify the science to help you figure out what exactly you need to do to thrive?


Hint: you found her.

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I value integrity and honesty. I can smell dishonesty on people, and it breaks my heart when people are not authentic.

I trust my gut - and use it to make big decisions (the only decisions I have ever regretted have been times I didn’t listen to my gut - aka “my intuition”).

I value relationships. I love meeting new people, creating new connections and sharing a laugh.


I value transparency.

I don’t hide behind edited images, fancy filters or a curated life.

My life is perfectly imperfect.


I value cutting through the noise and confusion and overwhelm and teaching people how to LISTEN to their bodies again.


Like my approach? Keep reading to see how I can help you!


I was an HR executive for 17 years. I was the person that had to plan and deliver really bad news (tough conversations like you didn’t get the job, we don’t think you are a fit, you are under investigation, you are fired).

After hundreds (thousands?) of tough conversations that would make you squirm, I noticed the people who could get back up again all shared one thing in common: resiliency.

Determined to understand more of how nutrition, stress, sleep, and emotions affects human performance, I returned to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist.

I approach my Nutrition Coaching from the viewpoint of productivity & performance.

I teach tired and burned out leaders, particularly moms, how to make time and space for wellness, and I integrate doTERRA essential oils into my business.


Workplace wellness guru, Culture Strategist, and Motivational Speaker - I do all the things for businesses and for individuals.


While I am not transforming people’s health and workplaces, I married my high school sweetheart, created 2 amazing humans, and love nothing more than a family movie night and kombucha in a martini glass.

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I believe every person should feel true wellness and vitality. You deserve it.

I believe the healthy can be simple.

I believe that simple shifts can create transformational ripples in your life. 

I believe you were meant to thrive.

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Come join me as we step into the next level of our health, business and life together.

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Do you want a peek behind the scenes of how 2 entrepreneurs build businesses and raise kids with the help of essential oils? Our life is perfectly imperfect.