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doTERRA is now sold in retail outlets (like yoga studios + clinics) and even online (which have often been tampered with, believe it or not!), but you can get your own account and get 25% off your oils. This is the same pricing I have!

Remember that all kits include your doTERRA membership (no paying extra), as well as access to coaching and support from me on your health journey.

Step #1 - Choose a kit

Take a look at these options, and choose which kit you want to begin with.

Here are my top 3 choices: 

Family Essentials kit with beadlets transparent centered.png


A sampler kit of the top 10 oils in 5ml bottles, plus 2 bottles of my favourite Peppermint Beadlets.

5 mL bottles approximately 80 drops per bottle.

Home Essentials kit transparent.png

$330 Canadian

All time favourite and the most common kit people start with (it’s the best deal!). Helps with 80% of your family household needs.

15ml bottles have approximately 250 drops per bottle.

Nature's Solutions Kit transparent.png

$600 Canadian

This is for the mom who is serious about uplevelling every aspect of her family’s home. Bundled for significant savings, and also includes $100 in free oils.

This is the kit I WISH I had started with.

Step #2 - Celebrate


Purchase and squeal out loud for finally getting started after hearing everyone talk about these amazing oils!


Just complete the few simple steps outlined below, and you’re ready to go!


Your order will be delivered to your home within just a dew days. The fun is just getting started!

FYI: The steps below are for Canadian and the US warehouse. Outside of these areas, there may be a few extra steps.

Laura rolling oil on neck.png

 Steps for ordering

  1. Click here to enter the enrollment portal.

  2. Chose you language and your country.

  3. Choose 'Local Order' if you want your kit in your local currency and shipped from your country OR choose 'International Order' if you want your kit from the United States, paid in US currency. Just keep in mind that shipping will take a bit longer if you are not ordering from your own country.

  4. Select  'Wholesale Customer'.

  5. Complete all required information on the 'About Me' page (name, address etc). Important: if the 'Enroller' field is blank, please enter my ID number 3368349 to join my personal team. When you click on 'Verify ID', it will show my name Laura Bourne. I can’t wait to support you!

  6. Choose your kit from the top (you can scroll left and right to see all the kits available from that country). Feel free to add on any additional products in the boxes below the kit choices.

  7. Enter your payment information and complete your purchase!

  8. **Optional**: You have the option of setting up a LRP order immediately after purchase. This is not required, however it is one of the smartest and most cost effective way to add more oils to your collection. Confused? Don’t be! I walk you through everything about the LRP program, and I will teach you how to really make the program work for you.

Grey filler square.png

If you prefer to get on the phone for me to help you place your order, I get it! I’m more than happy to walk you through your health goals and recommend tools to help assist in your journey.


I highly recommend starting with a “kit” as they are bundled for savings and waive the membership fee.


Your other option is to simply open up your wholesale account access, (in this case, add the Intro booklet and then add whichever products you want to start with at 25% off), and you’ll still get all the same support from me.


I believe in deep belly laughs, dressing in colour, meaningful conversations, and chasing dreams.

I believe in honesty, transparency, and falling in love with your own life.




Looking to build a collaborative, inspiring business that helps you reach your highest potential?

Do you want to work with a heart centered, humanitarian focussed organization that is aligned with your values and beliefs?


Do you believe this is even possible?


Truth is, I didn’t believe it, either.
So I understand if you keep scrolling, because I did for a long time.

Laura writing in book no window.png

You see, I “get” corporate

I spent my entire career designing and rearranging reporting structures and org charts.

I audibly laughed out loud when someone suggested I consider doTERRA as a business opportunity.

Sharing oils and teaching people how to use essential oils was a “business”? No way was I going to ask my friends to “buy” oils from me.

I had a career. I had a profession. I was too high up the corporate ladder to suddenly make such a jump.


I am honest and transparent, so here is what I thought! Anything sound familiar? 

Blue filler square.png

I wondered about it being a pyramid scheme

It’s not, it’s beautiful and makes my HR heart breathe a sigh of relief - a flexible, beautiful business model that is accessible to anyone.


I was skeptical, and negative of Network Marketing

Skepticism is ok, and I am glad I did my research on network marketing, because doTERRA’s model is the only one that will work for me.

Light green filler square.png
EO business page banner lemon.png

 I thought it was all fake  

I was so conditioned to burying myself in projects and work, I didn’t believe that a business could thrive by me taking care of myself. This defied all logic in my mind. And yet, as I type this all I can think of is what I have built - the most spectacular community, created the most beautiful new friendships, and have done more personal development than I had in my previous 2 decades. I LOVE WHAT I DO.


The structure seemed counterintuitive to the world I knew, and frankly, I thought it would be a “step” down for me

I was wrong, I wish I had learned more and faster, and if I had had a crystal ball and could have seen how much I would learn and grow, I would have stepped into this business years earlier.

Light green filler square.png

I was a customer for a long time. I used my oils for everything, and I shared them with everyone.

When colleagues and friends complained of a headache, indigestion, or a sick child, I would grab the oils out of my purse and let them use it.

Their results, their reactions, and seeing their relief was such a fun thrill. I loved it … and so a tiny little idea began to sprout in my head. What if I did more of this? On bad days, I would joke to my colleagues and my HR team that I was going to going to quit my job and go sell essential oils. We all laughed.


But those jokes, that laughter, planted a seed in my heart. After a year, I could no longer ignore or deny it.


That joke became my reality, but now I am the one laughing with my kids every morning as we have kitchen dance parties.

Laura puttng oil on neck EO business page.png

I believe in the power of plant medicine.

I believe doTERRA has created a magnificent opportunity to transform health care (click here for more info).

I believe every Holistic Nutritionist should have these oils integrated into their practice.

I believe in the powerful experience of helping other women transform their health.


I believe in the beauty of a business model that allows you the opportunity to chose how much you want out of it.

Light salmon filler square.png

 doTERRA is the shift, the tool, the business opportunity I didn’t even realize I needed.


It is an amazing way forward for women. I have fallen in love and now see it as one of the most brilliant business models ever created.  

How lucky am I that I can throw myself into a business that allows me the thrive, and show up as a better partner and mother?

This model provides me with the freedom, flexibility and self discovery.

The most beautiful part? You can go at whatever pace you desire. 

I am very clear on my message and what I am here to do.  


Curious? Intuition telling you something?

Fill out the form below and share more. Let’s connect.


My strength is teaching others how to share these oils in a way that feels authentic to you, using YOUR unique gifts and talents.


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