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Essential oils came into my life exactly when I needed them the most.

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We were a family of two working executives with young kids, living in suburbia, with a busy life, lots of commitments, and dreams on our heart.

I collapsed into bed each night unhappy with some of my choices:

short with the kids, tense with my spouse; and feeling as though there were never enough hours in the day.

I felt like I was in a neverending hamster wheel, knowing the entire cycle of stress and exhaustion would repeat itself again, day after day.


I felt like I was chasing life, and not really living it. And to be honest, every other person I knew was exactly the same.


All of us working mom’s were in the same boat - tired, overwhelmed, just trying to keep our heads above water and raise good kids.

I already loved natural solutions and was holistically minded, heck I had been using vacation days and going to night school to become a Holistic Nutritionist! It wasn’t until I took an Herbal Medicine course that I began to understand the healing power of plants. I purchased some oils at the mall and had a lukewarm experience, they were “meh”.

They just didn’t give me the relief and the powerful experience I was hoping for. They were quickly and unceremoniously moved to the back of the cupboard, forgotten about. 


I had heard about doTERRA oils and how they were different.

I was skeptically curious … could doTERRA really be the “thing”. Did they really actually work?

I decided to host a class for myself & a few friends to learn more.

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I started with doTERRA’s top 10 oils and a diffuser.

I opened up my resources and started learning.

Within days (sometimes hours), I saw health shifts.

I was giddy with excitement watching them work.

My skin started to glow (Frankincense in my moisturizer), my digestion improved (ZenGest on my tummy), and I was drinking more water than ever before (thank you Lemon and Wild Orange).

The kids moved through sickness quickly (OnGuard), our morning routine energy was infused with laughter and excitement (Wild Orange and Peppermint), and I slept deeper than ever before (Lavender & Easy Air).

Week after week I fell more in love with these tools and with this lifestyle. Each month I added a new oil to my collection. I slowly got more diffusers, no one wanted to sleep without one. Then I started learning about the sourcing, the company, the founding executives and their vision for health care.

These oils, this company brought me hope.
They brought me healing.


They made me feel empowered, aimed with tools and knowledge to support my family in a whole new way. These tools provided me the clarity I didn’t even know I was seeking.


And they’ll do the same for you.

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I teach you how to make the time and space for wellness, because I know how full your life is.

I empower and educate busy working moms to change their health habits and nourish themselves.

I help women build daily wellness routines to show up the most vibrant version of themselves.


My approach is simple, practical and incredibly inspiring. We celebrate each and every success.

One drop at a time, we will reduce your toxic load, clean up your daily routine, banish endocrine disruptors, educate, empower and show you just how vibrant you can feel.


My energy, enthusiasm and passion for this lifestyle is contagious.

I am your cheerleader and work with you directly to create a plan to shifts your health.

I encourage you to be curious, ask questions and follow your intuition.


And one thing that is guaranteed is that we are going to share some deep belly laughs along the way.

I incorporate my training as a Holistic Nutritionist, my years of diffusing conflict in boardrooms, and my experience as a mother (#boymom) to support you as you integrate these tools into your life. I am your biggest cheerleader, and love nothing more than hearing about how your kids are sleeping, how your digestion is humming, or how you got your libido back in the bedroom. 

You deserve to take the best care of your body as possible so you can show up as the best version of you.


Since my specialty is empowering busy, working moms to look at natural solutions as a tool they can leverage, you will learn about small upgrades and simple choices to create a profound ripple effect in your life.

I’ll start by understanding your current routines and symptoms, especially the hurdles that get in the way of your best self.

Then we’ll make tiny micro shifts in your day and your routine. Over time, these micro shifts will lead to huge changes in your sleep, digestion, skin, mood, energy, and glow.

No matter how fast or slow you want to make these shifts, I stand beside you in your journey. I believe in celebrating the journey, not just the destination.


Let’s be honest: Mother Nature knows best.


For centuries human have known to soothe, support and nourish themselves using plants. Botanicals as a health aide has been around for years. However, in the past century, with so many amazing advances in medicine, we also seemed to surrender some of our decision making and intuition.

We started to let pharmaceutical companies and corporations tell us what our bodies need via billion dollar advertising campaigns.

As the noise around us increased, we stopped listening to our bodies.

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I take a holistic look at Health Care.

Some of my close friends are physicians, and I have major respect for Western Medicine. Essential oils do not replace a hospital!

doTERRA oils help support your body the other 80% of the time, when everyday health issues start affecting our joy, productivity, and ability to live in the moment.

The missed day at work, the gripping head tension that makes you miss a meeting, the kids’ lingering boogers that keep him out of daycare, and the awkward digestion moments that alter your vacation plans.

doTERRA essential oils help with all of this.


Why essential oils, why now?

  • Our world is filled with toxins - from candles, room sprays, air fresheners in Ubers and public washrooms, heavily fragranced soap and laundry detergent, off gassing from carpets and dry cleaning, car and factory emissions … our systems are overwhelmed.

  • A revolution is happening, and it is empowered and curious moms who are leading the revolution. They are putting up their hands and saying “Wait a minute! Isn’t there another option? A safe, clean, and effective option for my family?”. A mother’s intuition is always right.  

  • doTERRA essential oils provide a safe, effective, tested and affordable way to support your body in today’s world. 

  • Combined with nutrition, water, and movement, we can tap into the limitless potential of mother nature and our bodies’ ability to heal.


Side effects of this lifestyle? Deeper, more restful sleep, consistent energy all day (without coffee), clear and glowing skin.


The ripple effect continues exponentially as this lifestyle is embraced. 

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Could it actually be this simple?

Yes, yes it is.

These are your options - there are lots of different essential oils you could try, and then there are doTERRA essential oils. Frankly, there is no comparison. The purity, potency, testing, sourcing and research that is happening at doTERRA is unmatched.


But how about the most important piece of the puzzle, and the only thing that you need to know: doTERRA oils work. 


They are effective. They are reliable.
They are the real deal.

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