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I own a business, I need to hire some employees, I am so overwhelmed I don’t know where to start?

You have started at the right place.

First step, big breath.

Next step, I offer a 20 minute discovery call. We can chat more about your needs and you can decide if you think we might be a good fit. At the very least, you will feel better and have some clarity by the end of our call.

Click here to apply for a call with me.

Laura, I like what I am seeing on your website. I am excited to book with you and get your insight. How do I book with you?

Here is the thing: there is no one else doing this type of work right now. I offer a perspective, skills training, education, training and experience that is unparalleled.

But I practice what I preach - looking at the whole person / the whole business. Therefore, balance is very important to me.

I offer high touch, high support to my clients. This is boutique agency style experience, and I take my role very seriously. When a client trusts me to help them transform their business, I am all in, which means I am available and committed to them. Their success is my success.

For that reason, I only take on 2-3 new clients a month. My speciality is honest, forthcoming conversations - which means I will be honest and clear with you if I don’t think we are a good match, or if my current schedule won’t allow me to give your business the time and energy it deserves. If you are willing to wait, yes I have a waitlist.

To apply to see if we’re a good fit, please click here and share all your details with me. If I feel it’s a good fit, we’ll book a time to chat, where we can see if we should take the next step.

How do you do it all?

Self care. Personal Development. Boundaries. Superior nutrition. And a whole lot of essential oils.

I believe in natural proactive health care.

For tips and strategies on how you can help support your whole system, and your family, I also offer nutrition and wellness consultations to both individuals and to corporations. Check out the whole other side of my business on the main page.

I need help with an investigation, and possible a termination.  Can you help?

Investigations, disciplinary meetings and terminations are a reality of running a business and having employees.

Yes, I am a skilled and trained investigator. Yes, I have certificates and training in conflict resolution, coaching and workplace mental health initiatives. However, investigations and terminations are emotionally draining, and very tough on everyone. I protect my energy to ensure I can show up in a forward thinking manner to my clients.

Therefore, I do occasionally take on this type of work, however my hourly rate is adjusted significantly to represent the complexity, the intensity and the emotional output required.

Do you do corporate wellness talks?

Now you are speaking my language! I believe every employer, no matter how large or how small has an opportunity to differentiate themselves as an employer by integrating meaningful wellness solutions into the workplace. I am talking about more than just having herbal teas in the lunchroom.

I am a passionate advocate of corporate wellness initiatives.

I am available for a variety of wellness focused talks, and just like your culture, believe in customizing it. Unlike some of the other people on the corporate speaking circuit - as an HR professional, I take the time to really understand your business and the challenges so that the talk can be customized and personalized to you culture.

Can you work with our existing HR team?

Absolutely! I know first hand the challenges your team faces on a day to day basis. As an HR Ninja and Holistic Nutritionist, as well as a skilled Facilitator and having planned and implemented multiple Workplace Wellness Programs - I have the unique perspective that can design and help your HR team implement a new initiative.

I think we need more than just HR help, we may need legal help too.  Where do we start?

I work with some of the best employment lawyers in Toronto. They are brilliant. They are are also 4 to 5x more expensive than I am.

Therefore I can often help business owners manage their legal costs before a situation needs legal expertise. I can also work with the employment lawyers on your behalf, and when I get on the phone with them, I know what questions to ask and how to make the most out of every single (billable) minute.