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I help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow.


I help small business owners hire their dream team.

I help small business owners create a workplace culture that allows their business to THRIVE, not just survive.

I help online entrepreneurs hire their team of unicorns so that they can amplify their magic.

In a nutshell, I take the burden off of your shoulders so you can get back to what you do best (which isn’t hiring or firing!).


  • You can’t do it all yourself.

  • You need to hire your first employee.

  • You can’t afford to make another hiring mistake.

  • You don’t know where to start.

  • You know what kind of corporate culture you want to have, but have no idea how to create it.

  • You just can't figure out what is going wrong with your teams.

  • You need HR help.


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HR can be a black and white field.

I have met and worked with lots of HR people. Most of them are HR traditionalists, which means they live and die by the employee manual and make all decisions based on policy.

I am NOT an HR traditionalist.


What if you created a culture of employees who didn’t depend on the manual? What if you hired the right people, had the right motivators, and created the right culture ... a culture that didn’t depend on a manual to make decisions?


If you have read this far, there is a probably a reason.


I am unlike any other HR person you have met before.  

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I am HR Maverick. A Culture Strategist. A keen observer of people.

I inject colour, vibrancy and fun - because as you already know, “people” can be the ultimate achilles heel to any small business owner.

I think people, all people, are fascinating. Employee relations is my jam.


Your success is literally my success.

It is my greatest joy watching your business grow, develop and THRIVE.


My passion is helping small businesses, particularly those owned by women, figure out their ideal culture, and then how to create it.

I have been the most trusted advisor to leaders, presidents, owners and CEO’s. HR can read the pulse of an organization, and I know that your culture is your strategy.

My perspective will shift how you will approach your teams, how you hire and how you think about workplace culture.


Be warned: my approach is unique and my honesty is refreshing.

In high school, I was not the most popular, certainly not the coolest, and not an athlete, however I could navigate and observe unlike anyone else. I was diffusing conflict since I was in grade 2, and often offering encouragement to my own teachers when I could tell they were frustrated in their roles.

True story: I told my principal it was probably time to retire, and I would tell student teachers when I thought they had potential.


After high school I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. Four years later and an honours Criminology degree, the concept of “winning” legal battles didn’t excite me. I wasn’t interested in the final outcome, I was interested in the process and the journey it took to get to the final outcome.

In my final semester of my final year of University, I took an HR class. I was hooked. A field that combined my curiosity of human motivation, and the role it played in business success ... everything clicked. I found a post grad HR program and headed off to another year of school.

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I’ve walked through it all.

Unions vs non-unions.

Strong leaders vs weak leaders.

Big teams vs small teams.

Internal politics vs politics with actual politicians.

Self funded vs municipally funded.

Firing good people vs keeping poor performers.

Along the way, I was also a leader, a coach and a mentor to some amazing team members. I also had plenty of not so amazing team members.


At each crossroad I learned more about myself, more about people, and more about asking the right questions to motivate and engage with people. Check out my LinkedIn page for more info. 

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I am a keen observer of human behaviour, and I love figuring out what motivates (and frustrates) individuals.

My emotional intelligence is off the charts, and I am deeply curious about people and team dynamics.


I pay attention to details that others miss: body language, tone of voice, energy.


I believe in having honest, open and direct conversations with everyone. If I told you about some of the conversations I’ve had in my career, it would make you squirm just thinking about it.

I have led countless investigations from theft, sexual harassment, bullying, affairs, and violence in the workplace. I have flown throughout Canada and ended far too many careers.


How do I approach tough conversations?

With honesty, integrity, and just like my parents raised me:

I treat everyone how I would want to be treated.

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After years of having the conversations of why someone was getting fired, why they didn’t get the job, and why we didn’t think they could do the role, I got tired of watching people unable to cope with the stress, overwhelm, and the unknown.

I realized that the top performers and best leaders all had one thing in common: resiliency.

So I started another chapter and went back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist.


What if I could combine my expertise in HR with a better understanding of health, digestion, sleep and stress management? What if I could not just watch people fall to their knees, but I could teach them how to get back up again? What if I could implement wellness strategies into my workplace?

What if we could create workplace programs that, instead of a tutorial on the phone system, there was also training on meditation and the importance of sleep? What if we could drive down skyrocketing health care claims with proactive, meaningful education and wellness cultural transformations.


And so, I did just that
(and was nominated for a few big awards along the way).


2 babies plus a busy career means that I have plugged away at nutrition school for the past 7 years, but the journey will finally be completed at the end of 2019.

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I cut through noise, nonsense and confusion.

I provide leaders and entrepreneurs with clarity and advice on how to grow, evolve and create their workplace culture.

Along the way, we usually end up having quite a few conversations about their own wellness.


I have been the most trusted advisor to owners, Presidents, franchisee’s, leaders, rising stars, and CEO’s, and I understand the complexity, the challenges, and the leadership required to run a successful business.

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I work with progressive, forward thinking organizations.


I work with leaders who value & believe in their teams.

Small businesses are flexible, agile, and frankly so much fun to work with.

To help you literally create your dream workplace culture is a privilege and a pleasure.


Need an HR truth talk? Can’t figure out what is going wrong with your culture? Want to differentiate yourself as an employer? Don’t know where to start with Wellness initiatives? About to hire some key positions?

No problem - I am your person.

I will make you laugh, and help you navigate the confusing, overwhelming and sometimes uncharted waters of what it looks like to lead people and create the culture that you dreamed of.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit!


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